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科尼在澳大利亚扩展了其生态驱动Manbetx的脚印。此次,科尼赢得了Intermodal Group的订单,包含了五台静压传动正面吊和一台双层堆垛空箱Manbetx。Konecranes has ...

科尼澳大利亚扩展了其生态驱动Manbetx的脚印。此次,科尼赢得了Intermodal Group的订单,包含了五台静压传动正面吊和一台双层堆垛空箱Manbetx

Konecranes has expanded its Lift Trucks with Ecolifting reach in Australia, winning an order from Intermodal Group for five additional reach stackers equipped with Flow Drive and one empty container handler for double stacking.

Intermodal Link Services(ILS)是Intermodal Group旗下的两家公司之一,在2019年头收到首台科尼正面吊后,再次订货五台静压传动正面吊和一台双层堆垛空箱Manbetx。这些设备将在科尼上海的Manbetx工厂出产并发货。订单于2019年11月签定,交给和调试计划在2020年进行。

After receiving their first delivery of a Konecranes reach stacker at the beginning of 2019, Intermodal Link Services (ILS), one of the two companies that comprise Intermodal Group, confirmed a new order for five additional Konecranes reach stackers with Flow Drive plus one empty container handler with a double stacking spreader. The lift trucks will be manufactured and dispatched from the Konecranes Lift Trucks factory in Lingang, China.  Delivery and commissioning are scheduled around the start of 2020. The order was booked in November 2019.

Intermodal Group坐落珀斯邻近的弗里曼特尔港口邻近,在西澳大利亚州的进出口集装箱物流供给链中发挥着至关重要的效果。作为铁路运送和集装箱堆存的职业领导者,该集团有才能转移大批量集装箱以缓解当地路途的拥堵情况,有助于港口运营愈加顺利和高效。

Located very close to Fremantle Port, near Perth, Intermodal Group plays a crucial role in the import/export container logistics supply chain in the state of Western Australia. An industry leader in rail transport and container storage, the Group has the capacity to move large numbers of containers to ease congestion on local roads and helps to make port operations smoother and more efficient.


In particular, ILS offers end-to-end services at two terminals, strategically located in Fremantle and Forrestfield. Complementary to road transportation, they move containers very efficiently by rail between the wharf and terminals.

重视环保是挑选科尼的主要原因,ILS于2018年9月购买了他们的第一台科尼正面吊后,决议订货别的五台装备静压传动的科尼SMV 4531 TC5型正面吊。与传统柴油驱动比较,静压传动驱动办法可削减设备燃油耗费和碳排放量最高至25%。ILS运用科尼生态驱动正面吊来服务多式联运事务,能够对环境保护发生活跃影响。

Concern for the environment was the main reason, after they purchased their first Konecranes reach stacker in September 2018, that ILS decided to place an order for five more Konecranes SMV 4531 TC5 reach stackers with Flow Drive. The Flow Drive Ecolifting feature cuts fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 25%. Using their new Konecranes reach stacker fleet for intermodal handling, ILS can positively affect environmental conditions.

此外,为了改进堆场上集装箱空箱转移作业,ILS还订货了科尼型号为SMV 5/6 ECC 100 DS的空箱Manbetx。该设备能够一同转移两个重达10吨的集装箱,堆垛至5-6个集装箱高度,然后缩短了单个作业周期。

Moreover, in order to improve their empty container handling activities at the port, ILS has ordered a Konecranes empty container handler model SMV 5/6 ECC 100 DS. This truck is able to reach the 5th and 6th containers in a stack at the same time, handling two containers weighing up to 10 tons, reducing work cycle times.

科尼强壮的经销商网络为完成这一切发挥了领导效果。大约两年前,当ILS开端寻觅改进其集装箱转移事务的办法时,科尼经销商United Equipment便出现在视界中。United Equipment为ILS供给了及时的服务,并在ILS论述了详细需求时主张添加集装箱转移设备的数量。

Konecranes’ strong distributor network has played a leading role in making it all happen. The Konecranes distributor United Equipment was already in the picture almost two years ago, as ILS started to look for ways to improve their container handling operations. United was at hand with prompt service, and recommended additional truck units when ILS explained their specific requirements.


“Excellent teamwork has given us another satisfied customer, as the reputation of Konecranes Lift Trucks with Ecolifting builds around the world,” says Daniel Sjöstrand, Sales Director and Sales Support Manager at Konecranes Lift Trucks. “A big thank you to ILS for confirming your confidence in our products and company, and thanks also to United for your essential support and cooperation in once again helping us to deliver what ILS needs.”

“咱们一向以服务至上的情绪而感到骄傲,这也正是咱们异乎寻常之处。”United Equipment的全国出售和产品司理John Morison说。“有了科尼Manbetx,咱们能够保证为客户供给更优的解决方案。”

“We’re always proud to hear that our service-minded attitude makes all the difference,” says John Morison, National Sales and Product Manager at United Equipment. “With Konecranes Lift Trucks, we can be sure that we’re providing our customers with the best solutions possible.”